Meet the Urshuz
February 22, 2011, 6:08 pm
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Interchangeable soles?  That are recyclable?  That’s what Grant Delgatty envisioned, and come June 2011, his dream will become a reality.

With shoes having an attached sole, the consumer is forced to purchase a new pair of shoes when their current ones wear out.  Delgatty had an idea and ran with it: the “convertible shoe.”

At just $60 a pair, Urshuz allows the consumer to swap out their old, worn out soles for brand new ones.  Like recapping a tire, when applying new soles, the consumer simply hooks the soles to the shoe with U-shaped hoops.  Diversity was one of Delgatty’s main goals, and he has delivered.  The consumer has the ability to swap the soles for a sneaker, flip-flop, or open-toe sandal.

Instead of needing to buy a new pair of shoes, and potentially throw out your old pair, you now have the ability to be eco-friendly in when shoe-shopping.

Excellent idea, and when they become available, I will be purchasing a pair of these – as long as they come in a size 13.



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