Something to learn from Spain?
March 5, 2011, 7:57 pm
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Spanish tradition calls for children to receive gifts from the three wise men on January 6.  Like Christmas, coal is the most feared gift, as it is only given to those children who behaved badly over the course of the year.  Coal, the largest source of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and a major driver of global warming, is a bad sign for the environment.  But in Spain, things are beginning to change.

The morning the children of Spain opened their new electronic gifts, none of the electricity was coming from coal.  That day, renewable sources provided three-quarters of Spain’s electricity.


“Annual data from Red Electrica, a major Spanish power transmission company, confirms the unstoppable rise of clean energies in Spain. In 2010, renewables supplied 35% of all Spain’s electricity, higher than ever before, and even though overall power consumption was higher than 2009. Wind power alone supplied 16%, twice as much power as coal and on very windy days, wind power peaked at over half the national power consumption.”

More information can be found here.  This is an absolutely incredible, and Spain has set the path for nations all around the world.  Spain has proven that a country can uses renewable energies to power large percentages of their electricity needs.  All it takes is the desire to use renewable energies.


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