Platinum Dirt: Vintage Auto Fashion
March 12, 2011, 10:05 pm
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Platinum Dirt, created by designer Dustin Page and business partner Aaron Parrish, are creating jackets and handbags from reclaimed vintage auto upholstery from genuine leather interior taken from old BMW, Cadillacs, Mercedes, Jaguar and more.  One car becomes one jacket, “where once the car is retired from the road forever, it is reincarnated as a VIN Jacket.  Each jacket tells its own rich history, exudes its own character, and commands the stage with a VIN plate embedded on the chest.”

Complete with hood ornament zipper pull, VIN breast plate, and uniquely patterned interior lining, these jackets have a very distinct edge. Reusing leather stripped from vintage cars makes the jackets green, environmentally friendly, and ensures that our landfills will be that much lighter.

Environmentally conscious while upholding that rough, “don’t mess with me” exterior, the VIN jackets are specifically designed for the progressive and fashion forward crowd. Simply put, Page sums up the Platinum Dirt line with this philosophy: “I’m not into copycat designs. If everyone is going right, I want to go left. Trends aren’t set by those who follow them. I’m not really paying close attention to what others are doing; it’s in my peripheral only.”

What a concept!  To take the leather off of a vehicle that would simply end up in a junkyard or a landfill, and create a product that can be used on a daily basis is just, WOW!  If I can find a VIN Jacket at a price the typical college student can afford, you better believe that I’ll be sporting one, wearing the old Cadillac hood ornament zipper pull with pride, knowing that the jacket I purchased didn’t make it to the landfill.


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