Why does change make leaders nervous?
March 12, 2011, 10:05 pm
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We live in a time where change is all around us.  Many of us like to think that we face more change than ever before, but is this actually true?  Globalization, technological innovation, and social media all have a strong impact on societies and organizations.  And while companies are facing a lot of changes, what is the reason behind these changes causing uncertainty, disruption, and at times, temporary chaos?  Is this truly worse than ever before?

Change has always been and will always be around us.  Our entire lives revolve around continuous change.  We experience it on a daily basis, as no two days are the exact same.  Our friendships, romantic relationships, colleagues, customers, everything.  They all change over time.

So why do leaders perceive the changes of today as more complex and difficult than the changes they faced before?  One large part of the answer has to do with the evolution of technology.  The technological evolution creates an exponential growth in our lives.  With the impact of technological progress, its consequences and rewards are enormous.  With the growth of technology, companies, their leaders and employees, must adjust and react in much shorter periods of time than in the past.

We need to change our mentality toward change.  As long as we view change as a burden, it will be such.  But rather, we need to take change as a challenging learning experience.  Change hasn’t become a more complex concept, but rather the amount of time we have to take it in and adapt to it has decreased.

Change has become a mainstay of business reality and will always be around.  In regards to sustainability, the challenge for leaders is to change their own tactics so they can lead change successfully.  Just talking about change will not do anything.  Leaders must change their actions for true change to take place.


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